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Auckland Region

Find the best places to horse ride in the Auckland Region.  

Our listings separate out the Regional Parks from other horse riding locations because of the way that the Auckland Council operates, and how the various bylaws and rules apply.  Although Auckland amalgamated into a 'super city' this doesn't mean that we have one Council now.  In fact, we sort of went from 8 Councils, to 22! 

The Auckland Council, is the overall governing body, but they do not have the final say, and only really look after Regional Parks (much like the old ARC did).  The beaches, and local parks are managed and controlled by the 21 local boards.  Fortunately, most of the places you may want to ride your horse are in just a few of the local boards - Rodney and Franklin are the big two, but also Waitakere, Henderson Massey, Waiheke, Upper Harbour, Hibiscus & Bays, Howick, and Manurewa, Papakura cover the majority of viable riding areas. 

Auckland Local Board Areas