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Summer      opening hours:     6:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.    (Daylight savings)
Winter         opening hours:     6:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.    (Non daylight savings)

Auckland Council Regional Parks Horse Riding Pass

Waitawa  is a recreational park located on the Clevedon - Kawakawa Road.  Approx. 50km from central Auckland on the south-eastern coast.

The newest park to open, in  Dec 2015  This park will still be developing for the next few years, so please be patient and work with the rangers and staff.  

Trails and Terrain

Open rolling paddocks, farm tracks, Eucalypt groves, steep hills, bush riding on stock tracks this park has a little of everything, and beaches.   

There are a lot of fences, and gates on this park.  A number of gates have been fitted with lift latches so that you can open and close them from horseback. 

Horses are allowed onto the beaches nearest the parking area, and this would be a great place to swim your horses. 

Shelley Stevens - Waitawa Regional Park

Eucalypt trail
Waitawa is a recreational park, horse riding is permitted in most areas (except the mountain biking downhill trails).  Just be aware of, and considerate towards others on shared tracks.   Also be aware of the disc golf area, and stay off the tees. 

Getting There

Waitawa is on the Clevedon-Kawakawa Bay Rd.  Approx 15 minutes from Clevedon, or 30 minutes from Papakura / 40 minutes from Manukau.  

NOTE: Ignore the signage shown on Google Streetview, this is old, the "Orica" signs have now be replaced by Regional Parks signage for Waitawa so it is pretty easy to spot once you start driving up the hill. 


There is a huge parking area, which allows you to pull through (no reversing) park.  Drive around the big buildings to park in the front.  

If you park at the back where the pens are, PLEASE do not block others access

There are pens to use, and this park allows you to stay overnight and keep your horse(s) penned. 

Staying at Waitawa

Currently there is no camping option, but if you have a group ask if you can camp in the large sheds (or elsewhere).  Events are always given consideration.

Alternately, there is self-contained camper parking onsite for anyone with a self-contained horse truck, or book the bach. 
Your horses can stay in the pens, or in a small area behind the pens, specifically for small numbers of horses.