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Western Bay of Plenty

Thompsons Track 

Unformed legal road that goes from Waikato to Western Bay of Plenty.  See Waikato  listing due to the unrideable nature of much of the western side

TECT Park 

TECT Park is a collaboration of several Councils - view here 


Waihi Beach

The Reserves and Facilities Bylaw 2012 sets out a number of rules regarding access times and places.

Photos on this page are by kind permission of Anita Gray and may not be downloaded or reproduced without permission

Waihi Beach photo copyright Anita Gray

Waihi Beach - Athenree Estuary 

From the 2nd Thursday of February in each year to the 3rd Wednesday in December

Signposted loop trail only 

Albacore Ave to Pio Road, across to Athenree Estuary and thereafter following the existing walk ways/cycleway to exit via the mown firebreak adjacent to the houses at Island View

Waihi Beach - Three Mile Creek 

From the 2nd Thursday of February in each year to the 3rd Wednesday in December

Horses may be ridden north along Waihi Beach from Albacore Ave to the Three Mile Creek access.
Please do not ride on the dunes.
Waihi Beach copyright Anita Gray
Ride only on the beach between the high tide and low tide marks.
This beach is a Dotterel breeding area.  Council should erect signage to warn of nesting sites - please avoid going anywhere near nests as these are very hard to spot and this is an endangered bird.


Good parking for trucks and floats at Broadway Rd,  Albacore Ave end

Pahoia Beach, Whakamarama

Access is via Pahoia Domain.  Horses may be ridden at low tide (below the high tide mark, please) along Pahoia Beach.

Be aware of, and avoid the softer parts of the estuary (generally covered by eel grass) as there is deep mud.  


Matahui Crossing to Matakana Island

Seek permission from the land owners first, as Matakana Island is private land. 

Knowledge of the crossing is required to do this safely!

From Matahui Road horses may be ridden across the traditional 'Matahui Crossing' to Matakana Island provided that approval to access private land on Matakana Island is sought and obtained from the land owners.


Tuapiro Point, Katikati

Following the sign posted loop trail horses may be ridden at low tide on the esplanade reserve along the foreshore at Tuapiro from the toilet block in the north around the point and through the small area of pines back onto the beach.

Rogers Road Pukehina Beach 

East of Te Puke, approx 4km past the turnoff to Pukehina.  

Access from Rogers Road, with parking on the reserve.

Horses may be ridden on the north-west trail at low tide on the inter-tidal flats to the point where Pukehina Beach Road meets Pukehina Parade looping back to exit at Rogers Road.