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Great NZ Journeys

Despite the many problems for horse riders, and restrictions of public access in this country, there are people (and horses) who make great journeys around our great land.   Here are some of them:

Current Journeys:

Previous Journeys

2013 - 2015

Alex Cadet - ONZETRAIL

Alexandra Cadet is made her way around  thousands of kilometres of New Zealand on horseback.   Starting with a fellow wagoneer, sometimes alone, and sometimes with her boyfriend (who started as a non rider!). 

Alex Cadet in Hamner

Braided Manes and Tails 

Braided Manes, Braided Tails Facebook Page Photo - Nelson, End of the Trail

Maxence, another French Woman, rode in almost the opposite direction to Alex.  Starting in the South, they met up along the way! 
Crossing the South Island on horse back from November 2014 to March 2015, a slow pace journey including a photo reportage on local communities.

Horsing Around 

Raising funds for Charity by attempting to be the first to ride around the coastline (all around NZ). 

Kendall Waugh and Larissa Mueller are beginning the South Island leg of their journey in 2015 

Dom Post Photo

2013 Pete Langford "Free with Every Horse"

Pete Langford rode the length of New Zealand to raise money for air rescue services.
Website "Free with every Horse".

2007 Genevieve and Kerrin Revell - "Down, Across and Up"

The Adventures of Genevieve and Kerrin Revell, riding the country and raising money for CANTeen.

2001 Mary Pagnamenta - "Four Beats to Freedom"

Mary Pagnamenta's epic journey for charity; one of the few to do the entire journey without a change of horse(s).
  • travelled 2832km on the map: allowing for vertical difference this is about 3360 km.
  • spent 122 days travelling, 25 rest days en route and about 4 weeks off.
  • spent 23 days promoting RDA.
  • were held up by weather conditions. or uncrossable rivers on 8 days
  • used 56 horse shoes, only one lost.
  • incurred no significant lameness or injury.
  • visited 17 RDA groups, involving over 150 children and adults with disabilities.
  • visited 33 schools.
  • raised iro $13,000 for the New Zealand Riding for the Disabled Association.
  • raised iro £14000 in the UK for the Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy and for the Brooke Hospital.

1996 Jacqui Knight - "Jacqui's Journey"

Jacqui's Journey Bit by Bit
Jacqui Knight, travelled around New Zealand in 1996.  Jacqui now heads the NZ Butterfly Trust.  Read her story in "Bit by Bit"