Ambury Farm Park

Park Hours

8am - 6:30pm (winter)

8am - 9:00pm (summer)

Auckland Council Parks

Phone 301 0101 or email

Ambury Farm Park is on the shores of the Manukau Harbour. Both Mangere Pony Club and Riding for the Disabled have leases on site and large facilities. The rest of the farm park hosts a variety of farm animals for educational purposes and they host the annual 'farm park open day'.

Although the park could provide additional riding for those who keep horses in the surrounding area, and could link up to other equestrian and recreation venues - so far, it doesn't. The only way to access this park is via Mangere Pony Club who hold a lease on part of the land.

Map and Directions

Don't be fooled by all the signs pointing to Ambury Farm Park, they take you to the wrong entrance (and there is no open road joining the two areas). Wellesley Rd is the entrance for the pony club\RDA.

Trails and Terrain

Grade: Short, Easy

There is one short bridlepath in the southern end of the park. Unfortunately, there is no parking. The Mangere RDA and Pony Club are located in the park. The pony club does hire out its arena, so you may be able to combine a ride with use of the park.

Access and Parking

Access to Mangere Pony Club and RDA is via Wellesley Rd, not the main park entrance. There is no formal parking area for riders to visit the park. Arrange access with the Mangere Pony Club. Riding at Ambury Regional Park may be arranged separately through the Mangere Pony Club who holds a licence with Council, and therefore is not subject to the network pass.