889 North Rd, Whitford

Opens: 8.00am Closes: 5pm (winter) 8.30pm (summer)

Auckland Regional Parks horse riding pass

Duder Regional Park is one of Auckland Councils southern parks. It is located in Maraetai, off North Rd. Horse Riding is available all year round (Oct 2014 update), and is relatively small, just 13.7 ha.

Trails and Terrain

Duder is a park built on 13.7 ha rolling farmland, with views out over the Waitemata Harbour from Maraetai. It is closed to horse riding during winter and spring lambing.

There is a single 'farm loop' trail of approx. 4.5km which is marked by a series of coloured marker poles. There are frequent reports that the rangers are not particularly horse friendly, but this is a park open to horses so please keep using it, or we will lose it.

Access and Parking

There is no formal parking area specifically for floats or horse trucks, but the entrance is a very long driveway that accomodates parking along a wide verge. You must have a Regional Parks network horse riding pass to ride here.