Pae o Te Rangi - Waitakere Ranges

114 Te Henga Road (near the intersection with Bethells Rd) 320 ha

7:30 am - 7pm winter (usually closes) 7:30 am - 9pm summer

Auckland Council Regional Parks Horse Riding Pass

Pae O Te Rangi (the foot stool of Rangi) is a Regional Park in the Waitakere Ranges.

Don't be fooled by the tiny entrance to this park. Behind the rather skinny farm track, and stock yards a fairly substantial park opens up, and the upper section lets you view from the west coast to the east (including Rangitoto) on a good, clear day.


There is now more secure parking for floats behind the stock yards. Unlock the gate using the code provided with your pass, and drive in to park. Please park considerately. Although this is a lightly used park, you never know when someone else may decide to try out this lovely park too.

Parking area can probably squeeze in 6 floats or trucks, if everyone parks nicely. Lock the front gate after you drive in please.

The front of the park has been reformed recently too, to provide some overflow parking, and a much better turnaround area.

Trails and Terrain

Set in the Waitakere foothills near Bethells beach, Pae o Te Rangi is a combination of gentle rolling farmland, and hill country.

There are farm tracks running through the park which range from plain clay to big metal (not really suitable for tracks).

One side of the lower area of Pae o Te Rangi

The farmland itself is split into two areas. The lower paddocks where you enter the park, are gentle rolling hills. Then there is a steep gravel track to reach the top of the Waitakere hills, for more paddocks with sweeping views.

Great riding! Whether you like open farm paddocks, or following trails this park gives you a bit of both. The lower area is big open paddocks, on rolling hills. Follow Long Rd track up (and up and up) the hill to the upper part of the park and the views are to die for. All the way to Rangitoto, Muriwai and over the Waitakeres.

If you ride directly from the parking area to the top of the hill, it is approx 5km (but of course, you can add to this by riding within the paddocks themselves)

The bottom paddocks are around 65ha (rideable), and the top another 30

Gates will generally be open, except where the cattle are.

There is a toilet at the camping ground - about 5 mins ride into the park up a little hill.

Generally all gates are left open (except for the ones with stock in them).Paddocks may be locked when stock is in them, but just look for another gate - rangers will provide an alternate way around.

New horse trail markers have been added to help those new to the park to find their way to Long Track (to go up the hill to the top)

Pae o Te Rangi Regional Park - lower part

Looking back onto the lower area of the park, on the way up the track to the upper half.