Regional Parks Network Pass

Want to ride in Auckland's Regional Parks? You need a Network Pass

The Network Pass is FREE - ONE Pass for access to all the parks that allow horses.

Get A Horse Riding Network Pass (Free*)

Auckland Council Regional Parks (formerly ARC Regional Parks)

Phone 301 0101 "PARKS" option



Official website

*There is a key for Atiu Creek that you pay for if you want it ($10 - once only fee

You will receive:

  • a plastic credit card sized pass to carry with you,
  • information about park hours and operations.
  • All information about parks, changes or updates to access, closures, are emailed to registered riders.
Auckland Regional Parks Network Pass

Renew your pass annually

Each year you must renew your horse riding pass. This makes sure that your details are up to date. To renew Phone 09 301 0101

Why a Network Pass?

In 2010 the Regional Parks Management plan introduced the concept of a Network pass for horse riders.

Previously parks had a dizzying array of permits, and conditions on horse riding access. Some places were free, others you needed a key, some you had to pay ... it was all too hard!

The Network Pass is a compromise between horse riders desire to ride in parks freely, and the Council Parks Officers concerns about allowing horse riders into parks. The longer we have access, and act responsibly, the less those concerns are. It allows the Council and horse riders talk to one another directly. All registered pass holders will receive emails to notify them of park opening, closing or changes.