Te Arai

Te Arai Sign

Te Arai Regional Park is still in development but while they go through the incredibly long winded processes associated with park management plans etc you can use the parking areas, and ride through the park onto the beach.

PLEASE STAY OFF THE DUNES and areas above the high tide mark, once you have accessed the beach as this entire area is a significant refuge area for a number of endangered bird species. The beach is a beautiful place, and there is plenty of room to enjoy below the high tide mark.

There are two access points onto the beach, both with some parking suitable for horse floats and trucks.


There are two parking areas at Te Arai Point, Both are large, and would provide ample space for a truck or float to turn around and park (assuming there isn't a big event on) . On the left (as you drive in) is the smaller of the two areas, a permit based camping area (for self-contained vehicles only - although there are toilets on site).

The main reason for riding here currently is to access the beach, which is a stunning long white sandy beach. However, this park will be developed over time, as there are 3 pieces of land that are being combined into a single park, and tracks and facilities will be developed over time. Sign up for your free network pass to receive more information as the park develops.

Parking area at Te Arai Point
  • Pacific Rd is the very northern edge of the Auckland Region, and this area will be developed into walking, cycling and horse riding tracks over time. There is also access onto the beach from this access way..
  • Te Arai Point Rd, takes you to the main park parking and facilities (including a toilet, and self-contained camping area - permit required)

Other tracks

There are tracks over the hill. All are horse safe (they don't end up in precarious drops or somewhere you can't turn around)

DO NOT ride out toward the rock formations!!

Map (note this was pre Council amalgamation)

Te Arai Point tracks