Te Muri

Te Muri Regional Park is NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC YET.

Public consultation to amend the management plans for both Mahurangi, and Te Muri 2015/2016. Expected opening 2016.

In 2010 Auckland Regional Council purchased 400 hectares of land behind Te Muri Beach. This now means that the entire coastline from Sullivans Bay to Wenderholm is regional park land.

There are 3 parks covering this area - Mahurangi West (Sullivans Bay), the new Te Muri Park, and Wenderholm - separated by the Puhoi River, and Te Muri Stream.

In early 2016 the management plans for Mahurangi West, and Te Muri will be updated to include the new parkland, and set up the planning for the new parks. There are a couple of challenges for accessing this land (other than the usual ones of changing a farm into a park). The current access from Mahurangi to the Te Muri beach and campground (the foreshore of the new park) is by wading the Te Muri stream at low tide, or by boat. Road access into the new parkland is via Hungry Creek Rd. This is a single lane, steep grave road, with a one way bridge at the bottom and a very dodgy entrance from SH1.

Te Muri Regional Park