Karioitahi Beach

Karioitahi Beach is located near Waiuku and Pukekohe. Karioitahi is a similar beach to Muriwai in the north. Amazing expanses of black sand at low tide, its a wild west coast beach.

Terrain and Trails

Karioitahi is a black sand beach, backed by steep sand and clay cliffs. There is a single trail at the southern end of the beach leading into Waiuku Forest. The beach is used by a variety of other users - walkers, kite surfers, vehicles, racehorse trainers etc.

Access and Parking

Signage clearly shows where the unloading zone is - at the entrance to the beach.

Remove all manure from the unloading area.

Read the rules

There are some very simple rules to keep everyone safe at Karioitahi, and no excuse for not knowing them.

There is a walking only zone for 1km around the entrance. Read the noticeboard for all rules relating to this beach.

Map and Directions

Karioitahi beach is just 8km from Waiuku township and is at the end of Kairoitahi Rd.