Coatesville Reserve

Coatesville Reserve is located between Glenmore and Mahoenui Valley Rds, on Coatesville-Riverhead Highway (opposite the Coatesville store). Coatesville Pony Club have a lease over part of the land which gives them exclusive use of the reserve for 40 days of the year (see lease information below)The Coatesville School also uses these paddocks for AG day / Cross-Country days and of course, local walkers.

In the winter it is free-grazed by a local farmer - sheep.

Trails and Terrain

The grounds are basically flat (a slight slope runs through the site), with trees, a stream etc to make it slightly more interesting.

The paddocks behind the Playcentre are not leased by the Pony Club but the XC jumps and show jumps that are in these paddocks are Pony Club owned and cannot be used by non-members.

Access and Parking

Public access for non-members is through the gates leading onto the short bridleway that goes past the toilets at the back of the Settlers Hall, on Mahoenui Rd, and on Glenmore Rd.

Entrance to bridleway on Mahoenui Road, Coatesville

Coatesville Pony Club

Contact Details for the Pony Club are available from their website:


Dairy Flat Track

Green Rd


Riverhead Forest

Sanders Rd

Coatesville Pony Club Lease

Waitemata District Pony Club Incorporated (Coatesville Branch) There is a written agreement between Rodney District Council and the Coatesville Branch of the Waitemata District Pony Club for use of a large proportion of Allot 671 and a portion of SO Plan 69930.

The agreement is for a maximum of 40 days in each year commencing 1 October. These days shall be negotiated directly between the Coatesville Reserve Advisory Committee and the Club

and shall not be more than six consecutive exclusive days. The lease of the site is for a period of 19 years.

Anyone can ride on the reserve, but the arena, cross-country course and show jumps are by permission of the Coatesville Pony Club only (hire).

The area is also closed for riding on market days or Pony Club show\club days:

  • October - April: Pony Club Rally nights (Wednesday and Thursdays) and Adult Ride (Saturday mornings)
  • Show-days, the District and Area for Show Days, and for the Schools Equestian Show Days (College and Intermediate). Am trying to find a publicly available calendar to show these days
  • Coatesville Market every first Sunday of the month for public parking.


There is public parking along Mahoenui Valley Road passed the hall - but it is very busy around school times.

The Pony Club control parking on the reserve, there is a locked gate and the key is only available to those who join the pony club.

Map and Directions

Coatesville Reserve

Bridleway entrances shown