Sanders Rd Reserve

Open 6am All Year Closed 8.30 pm Summer. 6.30 pm Winter

Sanders Road, Paremoremo, Auckland  NZ Bridleways

Just behind Paremoremo prison, there are some lovely views on a good day. 3kms of dedicated equestrian trails, basically a fenced off paddock on the side of a hill. There are 22kms of bike trails as well as walking trails, and off leash dog areas.

The original plan for this park, was to have a perimeter bridleway, but this has never been built. Fortunately, everyone ignores the 'rules' , and shares very amicably, so just go ahead and ride around the whole place.

There are 5 pull-through float\ truck loading areas next to the gate that leads to the equestrian trails. All traffic is directed past these spaces, so do be aware of where your horse is when saddling\unsaddling.


There are no mounting blocks, and the gate can be difficult (if not impossible) to open from horseback (Just leave it open)

The trails are poorly built. Most are made out of GAP (sharp rocks), and were topped with small gravel (that almost immediately ran off down the hills with the first rain). There are also trails that have been made with weed mat sprinkled with limerock. The weed mat is, of course, showing through the limerock. They are slippery, shiny, flap in the w

Sanders Rd Reserve Paremoremo Auckland
Sanders Reserve

ind, and make some interesting visual, and sound effects for horses.

Riding on the grassed areas is best. Do be aware there are some old fence post holes, and some drains, that are hidden and could cause serious injury.

Security guards lock the gates at closing time. They have locked people in previously, so be careful to ensure you leave on time.

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