Sinclair Park

Sinclair Park is the home of the Kaukapakapa Pony Club, and another Rodney public reserve. This means that you are free to ride on it without being a pony club member. However, like many reserves it will be closed during winter to preserve the grounds.

Trails and Terrain

Basically a couple of paddocks, with one small hillock in it. The grounds will be closed when they get too wet (pretty much all winter).

Map and Directions


KKK Pony Club

Rodney Council

Parking and Access

The Pony Club is located on Henley Road, there does not appear to be any entrance for riders from the Macky road reserve entrance (rugby fields and a playcentre).

There does appear to be an unformed road on the Macky Road side (shown in the photos) but I don't have any info on whether this goes anywhere worthwhile.


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