Bay of Plenty

Bay of Plenty Region 12,231 km² , is made up of

Kawerau District Council

Opotiki District Council

Rotorua District Council*

Taupo District Council (western part) *

Tauranga City Council

Western Bay of Plenty District Council

Whakatane District Council

* NOTE: Bureaucrats have failed to ensure that boundaries for Regional Councils, and District Councils match, so some districts fall into multiple regional councils

Bay of Plenty Regional Council map

Tauranga City

McLaren Falls Park

Opening hours

Summer: 7.30am – 7.30pm - when daylight saving starts

Winter: 7.30am – 5.30pm - when daylight saving ends

Tauranga Council Website information


Gates open for outgoing vehicles after closing time, so you don’t need to be in a hurry to leave: stay and enjoy the glow worms! Anyone can hack through the park. Do not ride through the front of the park, any further north than the start of Cherry Bay.

If you wish to use the x-country jumps, or equestrian area facilities, book 3 days in advance.

Contact Susan Woodcock from the Tauranga Pony Club Phone (07) 552 0112


Use either the equestrian area or Pin Oak Flat. NB This map is 'upside down' if you are used to thinking North/South when viewing maps.

maclaren falls map

Tauranga Racecourse- Arena

Tauranga Equestrian Sports Assoc (TESA) manage an all weather arena, which is available for hire (on non race days). Access is via key which can be obtained on a daily hire basis from Greerton Equestrian Supplies, or by 6monthly or yearly registration with TESA.

For More details contact Molly Knapton Phone 07 543 3380


Tauranga City Council allow horses on most beaches in the area (see story).

The only banned areas are Mauao, Mount Main Beach, Moturiki Island and Pilot Bay.

Matakana Island

Private land which allows horse camps by arrangement. Access across the sand bars at low tide. Guided rides, and overnight stays. Approx $200 per weekend, per rider (including meals, accommodation, guide etc) - but check for prices.

Managed by: Privately Owned

More Information and Bookings: Hone Ngatai Phone 027 270 2265

tauranga beaches map

Tauranga Beaches Bylaw 2007 - Horse Section

Horses on the Beach (effective 1 March 2009)

4.1 No person may ride, drive or lead a horse on the following beaches as shown on the map in Schedule 1: •

Any beach at Mauao (the mountain)

• The main Mt Maunganui beach from Moturiki Island (Leisure Island) to, and including, the base of Mauao

• Any beach at Moturiki Island (Leisure Island)

• Pilot Bay beach from the base of Mauao to Salisbury Wharf

• Any beach within 100 meters directly in front of and adjoining any land at mean high water springs classified as Marae Community Zone (as identified in the Tauranga District Plan and shown on the maps in Schedule 2), unless the horse is at a walking pace.

Read the full bylaw here


A co-development with Western Bay of Plenty, and Rotorua District Councils... - see separate page -->