Hawkes Bay

Hawkes Bay Region is made up of:

Central Hawke's Bay District, Hastings District, Napier City, Rangitikei District, Taupo District, and Wairoa District.


Waimarama Reserves

Waimarama is a beautiful, small, seaside community located 30 kilometres or 40 minutes from Hastings. Waimarama has 7 distinct reserves covering 18.18ha and over 5km of beach covering over 10ha. They are Waimarama Domain, Pouhokio Stream, Waingongoro Reserve, Harper Road Esplanade Reserve, Paparewa Reserve, Waimarama Reserve, Gillies Crescent Reserve

Horse riding is allowed within Waimarama Reserves, and on the beach.

Hawkes Bay Regional Council
Hawkes Bay region


Clive - Tukituki Horse Trail

A new horse trail is an addition to the Rotary Centennial Pathway, Clive/ River Road (Tukituki). It offers a mix of riverside trails, coastal views and rural settings. Entrances are set up with gates and spars. Spars for those who can jump, and a locked gate next to it. Entrances

  • North – Clive. Main Road, Clive (@14km to River Road). Parking here may be shared with boaties, jetskis, campervans, cyclists and pedestrians (mainly weekend) Very public area - we recommend horse poo is removed along here
  • Middle – Richmond. Richmond Road, sea end (4km to Clive, 10km to River Road). Plenty of parking
  • South – River Road, Havelock North. River Road, reserve end (14km to Clive). Plenty of parking

Trail Guide

  • Go along by Clive River, below the lime-sand cycle trail on the mown grass track. Many people/dogs use this area. We advocate mutually respectful use at all times.
  • About 1km from Clive entrance, you can cross the stream to get to the sea – rideable at low tide – a few metres of sand) and a popular swimming hole.
  • OR continue below the lime-sand cycle trail at the base of the stopbank. At a sharp S-bend the trail is very narrow. If unsure, lime-sand trail use is permitted here if no cyclists or pedestrians are coming – take care on the blind corner.
  • Continue straight ahead and through the barrier gateway which should be open or you can pass beside – from here head toward the sea (you won’t be next to the lime-sand cycle trail for a while) and then ride down the middle, formed trail, through the wildlife-bird reserve and past the Richmond Road carpark area.
  • Richmond road end is a reserve. Dog control is advised - there are many eggs and chicks in the area during spring.
  • Arriving at double gates/spars, cross over a culvert and continue beside the lime-sand cycle trail.
  • Horses are permitted on the lime-sand cycle trail (approx 150m) due to limited space. Council is considering a separate horse path to separate trail users. Riders must walk horses on the lime-sand cycle trail and pull to the side - if possible - for pedestrians/ cyclists to pass.
  • Horse trail resumes after the Bell Road entrance and continues on grass beside the lime-sand cycle trail.
  • Riders are near the entrance into the Tukituki River.
  • From here, the lime-sand cycle trail goes downhill. Riders stay to Left of the lime-sand cycle trail. Take care at the blind corner. Both trails continue through a gateway and back to the stopbank crest.
  • After the gate, go left to leave the stopbank and lime-sand cycle trail. Ride in the grass area. Be aware of electric tapes then transition to a gravel road beside the river.
  • Continue under Black Bridge and carry on in beside the river to River Road. Gates and spars are evident. There are several natural cross-country jumps and a suitable river swimming area near River Road carpark.

NOTE: Horses may not use the trail top on the stopbank (even if cattle are present there). The river is grazed constantly. Please leave gates/ tapes as you find them.

Be alert to potholes and river debris – this is a dynamic river area

Registration is required, Keys are available from Hawke's Bay Regional Council. contact Vince Byrne on 06 845 9230

There are some very small photos and further instructions on the

Council webpage.

Awatoto - Puketapu Pub Horse Trail

This horse trail runs from Awatoto to Puketapu Pub (main beside Tutaekuri River). 16km ride with a mix of riverside trails and a short on-road section. The trail is below stopbanks and beside the river with a rural outlook.


  • Awatoto - off Waitangi Road, Awatoto – horse float parking (16km to Puketapu Pub). Turn into Waitangi Road off the main road, over rail line about 100m. Parking: follow signposted access down the side of the fertiliser works.
  • Middle- Guppy Road entrance (7km to Awatoto, 9km to Puketapu Pub). Plenty of parking
  • Puketapu - There is parking, but no float parking identified at the Puketapu End

Trail Guide

  • Use horse gate at end of carpark area at Awatoto, proceed through gate and turn right to briefly follow the lime-sand cycle trail to the next horse gate. Be alert to cyclists/pedestrians before proceeding. Once through the second gate turn left to ride off the stopbank and on the grassland area between the river and stopbank.
  • Continue to Brookfield’s Bridge in this area.

NOTE: popular with the Model Airplane club on weekends, white baiters and hunters during respective seasons. Duck shooting season is May-June.

  • Continue under Brookfield’s bridge to the horse gate and proceed below stopbank.

NOTE: this section from Brookfield’s to Guppy Road is also popular with motorbikes/ vehicles.

  • From the Expressway Bridge proceed to Guppy Road carpark and through the gate.

NOTE: Guppy Road to Waiohiki-Otatara Pa Bridge is a popular dog walking area.

  • Follow clearly marked dirt trails through the lower meadow area.
  • Cross under the Waiohiki/Otatara Pa bridge with caution – due to narrowness and cycle trail. Keep to side of trail until the track broadens near the transfer station, with a wide area below the stopbank to follow up a stream.
  • Cross the stream. Another short section of limited shared space. Past here, it widens in the river margin. At the edge of the farm/ fence, proceed carefully to the stopbank/ limesand cycle trail and briefly share with cycle trail users, to a final gateway on your right.
  • This section returns to the road. Turn left towards Puketapu Pub.

TIP: If doing this ride, contact Mary at Puketapu Pub 06 844 7206 in advance, regarding availability of the paddock to tether horses, so you can enjoy a pub lunch.

Share with Care!:

Please remember that the river berm where your horse trail runs is utilized by many other user groups such as motor cyclists, walkers, cyclists, paint ball clubs, fishermen and hunters to name a few.

All these groups have as much right to utilize our open spaces as any other user group. Please remember and respect their rights

Requires Keys contact Vince Byrne on 06 845 9230

Ocean Beach

7 km of sand & dunes.

The Clive Tukituki trail will take you to Ocean Beach (see note about keys required for using the trail)

Chrialka Station

There is a station up in the Crownthorpe area that has an open gate policy, email chrialka@xtra.co.nz. *Further information to follow on this listing*