Kaipara District is the first stop north of the Auckland Region,so if you're looking for riding in this area, also check out the Auckland listings as North Auckland is just 'over the border' .

Mangawhai Heads Harbour

Looking for somewhere to swim with your horse, or introduce a young horse to the beach, and some of the sights and sounds that go along with it? This may be your spot Although the harbour is a rather short stretch of beach, the harbour is more protected than other areas, and there is easy parking for a float or truck.


  • DO BE AWARE that this could be busy with boats, kayaks etc on summer days! So please use commonsense when choosing when to visit.
  • STAY BELOW THE HIGH TIDE MARK (which is easy to recognise with a black stretch of sand), as there may be nesting birds in the shell banks
Mangawhai Heads Harbour beach


There is ample parking at the bottom of North Ave, as this is an area for boat launching. Again, be aware of local competitions, or events, where lots of boats may be in use.

Riding down North Rd (for locals), there are wide berms on the northern side. Although there is a path from Roberts st, down to the beach. This has bike stiles on the top, so you can't get a horse through.


There are toilets at the far end of the parking area.


Mangawhai Heads Harbour Toilets
Mangawhai Heads Wildlife Refuge area

This listing is ONLY for the harbour beach. The sand dunes off the coast (accessed elsewhere) are NOT for horses!! This is a protected wildlife refuge. If you have wetted your toes at the harbour and are looking for greater expanses to play on, head down the road to Te Arai \ Mangawhai beach (Pacific Rd)

Te Arai Beach

Te Arai Beach is between Mangawhai Heads, Mangawhai township and Te Arai Point. I find this whole area a bit confusing, because Mangawhai Forest is further south (on Pakiri beach), near Tomorata Lakes.... but if you follow the road names and ignore the area names you'll get the hang of it.

North Te Arai is currently being developed as a gated community, and golf course - rather controversially. and South Te Arai will largely be part of Te Arai Regional Park (Auckland)

Pacific Rd

This area is right on the boundaries of Auckland and Northland Regions, and Kaipara District Council. The boundary line actually runs right through Pacific Road (approx half way up the beach) . The beach end is Auckland, and the Mangawhai end is Kaipara\Northland.

To access Te Arai Beach and the trails being proposed in the Auckland Regional Park section (south of Pacific Rd). Park at Pacific Rd, and explore!