Manawatu - Whanganui

Places to horse ride or carriage drive in Manawatu - Whanganui

Owhanga to National Park, Tongariro

42 Traverse

Named either because this trail (an old logging track) is approx 42km long or because it runs through State Forest 42, take your pick. Runs through the Tongariro Forest Conservation Park.

Starts (one end) at Kapoors Rd. This is a long trail, shared with cycles, walkers and vehicles. Weather can change rapidly in this area and there are few exits so ensure that you are carrying sufficient clothing, first aid and other supplies to ensure a safe journey for yourself and your horse.


Dogs are only permitted on this trail if they have undertaken a certified Kiwi aversion course!

Managed by DOC, Taumaranui Information Centre

Single track - approx 3m wide. Used in both directions by all types of travellers including ATVs, trailbikes, and 4x4 vehicles, mountain bikes.

Please Share with Care.

Trail conditions:

  • solid track surface.
  • some short gradiants to river [rideable] shallow rivers in summer.and easy access.
  • would need horse to be in working condition , well shod [stoney but acceptable].
  • need to take some food as takes 8 hours [with breaks] to complete.
  • river water fresh and clean.
  • not much to no grazing for horses as native foliage so good feed to start with and electrolytes before hand as some steep climbs where horses did sweat.

Access and parking :

  • no camping or yards ..beginning or end....would need to be picked up or dropped off by someone
  • a summer ride as could be slippery in wet conditions.......level of difficulty.....three in dry conditions

Ruahine Ranges

Offers you the option to join one of their guided treks (no unguided rides) with your own horse. Makoura Horse Treks take you through bush clad farmland and views of the beautiful Ruahine Ranges. Treks are suitable for all ages and riding abilities. (1hour, 2 hour, 1/2 day or 2 day treks available).