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Taranaki Regional Council does not appear to have any regional parks.

It covers both New Plymouth District, and South Taranaki District


New Plymouth

No horse riding is allowed on Ngamotu Beach (includes the reserve, beach and playground area) at any time

During Daylight Savings (Oct-Mar) you must ride BEFORE 9am or after 6pm on the following beaches:

  • East End Beach to Fitzroy Beach (including the foreshore and beach area located between the Te Henui river mouth to the west and Waiwhakaiho river mouth to the east)
  • Oakura Beach (including the foreshore and beach area located between Ahu Ahu Road to the west and the Oakura river mouth to the east)

South Taranaki

Bylaw - Public Places Bylaw 2014 8.3

During daylight savings (Oct-Mar) you must ride BEFORE 9am or after 6pm on Cave Beach.

You may not ride on Opunake Beach and Camp Ground at any time.

NOTE: There are no other restrictions on horses on any South Taranaki reserves (parks) or beaches that I can see.

New Plymouth

According to the Council Website

"Horses may be ridden in most areas, but riders need to be able to fully control their horses around people. In urban areas, horse owners are required to remove horse manure." There are restrictions when riding on beaches

It doesn't specify where they count as 'urban', and then goes on to list places you cannot ride.

New Plymouth Bylaws

Bylaws applying to Horses, and Horse Riding

All these bylaws are written with lots of double negatives, making them hard to understand.

Places listed as specifically allowing horse riding are:

Audrey Gale Reserve

Behind Merrilands Reserve

257 Mangorei Road, New Plymouth

Unfortunately, the official New Plymouth Council website currently gives very bad instructions on horse riding in this reserve. So I have found a map. If anyone has ridden here, and has any info, photos or helpful comments please let me knowLake Mangamahoe Bridle Trail

No permit or registration required

For more information contact New Plymouth District Council

Ride Time: approx 1 hour (walk) 5km


Lake Mangamahoe about 10 minutes drive from New Plymouth on SH3, heading towards Inglewood and Mountain. Clearly signposted.

Access is restricted to daylight hours

Winter - 7.00am-6.00pm outside of daylight savings.

Summer - 7.00am-8.30pm during daylight savings.

Trail and Terrain

Forest with well marked trails

The trail is wide enough for riders to walk two abreast, please share with care as these trails are ridden in both directions.


safe parking area, picnic area, tie-rails (hitching rails), marked trails, map(s)


A large car park is situated at the entrance to the trail off Lake Rd, capable of holding 20 horse vehicles/floats. Access to the car park and the trail's entrance is just before the one-way dam section of Lake Mangamahoe Dr.

Bridle Trail Map (or see attachments below if this link is broken)

NOTE: This map states trails are one way - this is not true, and we are waiting for Council to update their maps.

Information last updated August 2017

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Audrey Gale Park New Plymouth NZ Bridleways