Waiuku Forest

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Forest Hours

7am - 6pm daily

Waiuku Forest is a 1000 ha Crown Forest, managed by Northern Forests Ltd. Established as Mairoro State Forest, the Public Works Dept began planting in 1936 as part of the coastal sand stabilisation projects.

More Information on MPI website (new May 2016)

Phone 07 921 3402.

Map and Directions

Brand new (May 2016) webpage with information and map from MPI

Latest Recreation Map from MPI

To get to Waiuku Forest - Wilson Road South Waiuku

Waiuku Forest Waikato Horse trails NZ Bridleways

Trails and Terrain

There is a variety of terrain, from flat to steep dune hills. The underlying ground is mainly sand dune, footing will depend on how close you are to the sea and what age the forest plantation is that you are riding through but most trails are excellent. The more mature the trees the more stable the soil.

Waiuku Forest horse riding trails NZ Bridleways

Parking and Access

There are numerous parking places along the forest roadside. Most have horse gates nearby - but make sure that you check this before unloading.

These are not formally marked, just park anywhere that doesn't obstruct traffic (or other people who have parked).

Most areas have easy access for several trucks or floats, if parking at the first few spots is full there are others just a short distance on throughout the forest.

Waiuku Forest informal parking areas
Trail markers

Trails are marked with names (white hand written signs), these appear on the recreation map.