Otago Rail Trail

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The Otago Rail Trail, unlike any of the cycleways projects that are based on it, allows horses.

Although the recent website redesign seems to have totally eliminated horse riding (and walking) from the activities. The Otago Rail Trail is divided into six sections:

  • Clyde Railhead to Chatter Creek: 25km
  • Chatter Creek to Lauder: 19km
  • Lauder to Oturehua: 23km
  • Oturehua to Ranfurly: 21km
  • Ranfurly to Daisybank: 21km
  • Daisybank to Middlemarch: 38km

Trail Code of Conduct

Motorcycles and motor vehicles are not permitted on the Rail Trail

Mountain bikers mst take special care when passing horses from behind.

Give way to horses.

Horses are to be led across bridges.

Dogs are permitted on the Alexandra to Clyde section only and must be controlled with a leash at all times.

Open fires and firearms are not permitted on the Rail Trail.

Otago Rail Trail