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Oteake Conservation Area

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All marked tracks are suitable for horse riding, mountain biking and walking (with the exception of Little Kye Burn Track, which is for walking only). There are many unmarked tracks in the park for those on foot, horse or mountain bike. These require good route-finding and backcountry skills

This area crosses across the Canterbury and Otago Regions. There are several access points to Oteake Conservation Park on both the Otago and Canterbury sides. There are car parks at Hawkdun Runs Road, Home Hills Run Road, Mt Buster Road, Falls Dam and Broken Hut Road near Omarama. See details about access to individual tracks in the descriptions.

Several routes cross private land on registered easements. Respect this and keep to the formed tracks.

Oteake is great for multi-day horse expeditions, with holding paddocks situated at some huts.. Read the Official Brochure


Access Points:

  • Broken Hut Rd car park
  • Hawkdun Runs Rd
  • Otamatapaio Station car park
  • Home Hills Runs Rd
  • Mt Buster Rd

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