Who Created this Website?

NZ Horse Network is a nationwide group of interested, active, horse riders working to raise the profile of recreational horse riding, and to create new trails, protect current trails, and promote trail sharing with horses. Our Incorporated Society name is NZ Horse Recreation Inc.

NZ Horse Network is NOT "Bridleways of New Zealand Inc", nor associated with "NZ Riding Clubs (Inc) NZRC". We do not receive any funding from NZRC, nor their bridleways levy.

How was it created?

Initially this website was only intended to map Auckland public riding locations, as a volunteer sub-project of the 2007 Auckland Regional Parks horse riding workshops. It quickly grew, due to demand from around the country to also provide information on other regions.

Information is obtained by:

  • visiting the areas (and photographing them),
  • searching online for internet information,
  • contacting Councils and DOC for any unpublished information (or to add to existing info),
  • contributions from local horse riders including photos!

What does this site cover?

We only list publicly accessible places to ride (or drive) your horse; places that anyone can go to. Not private farms, or places you have to ask for permission* - where you have to know the landowner.

  • *We DO NOT list private farms where each person must ask permission for access (where the landowner does not have an 'open access' policy), or where you have to ask before each ride.
  • We DO NOT list club grounds, sporting or commercial facilities, that do not cater for recreational activities (hacking) for the general public. Nor do we list clubs or trekking events.
  • We DO allow listings of places that charge a fee - so long as it is open to anyone*, and can be listed publicly.

How is it updated?

This is a completely volunteer based project, with little to no funding, and no full-time resources. We are very reliant on local knowledge to be able to cover the whole country.

Our network of knowledgeable riders, also help to update pages. We keep our eyes peeled for any news of change, in newspapers, on Social Media, and by regularly monitoring Council and DOC websites.

Sometimes we get it wrong, and some information provided by DOC or Councils is very difficult to interpret. So we're really grateful when you take the time to correct information, but please make sure your information is first hand, and up-to-date.

What's with the name? What are Bridleways?