NZ Horse Network

NZ Horse Network works for greater access for horse riding, and we are constantly on the lookout for potential new riding locations and trails.

Horse riders have a low profile and so we tend to get left out of public recreation planning. NZ Horse Network works to have horse riding included in walking and cycling networks. We are educating officials and planners on the real issues, and the myths around horse riding.

  • National Recreation Trails Network. Although there has been much talk about cycleways, NZ Horse Network wants to see these (for the most part) turned into true shared recreation and tourism trails. Multi-use, like Canadas great trail, or the UK bridleways network.
  • Regional Parks. Many Regional Councils have a parks network, and we have been gradually getting access, and improving facilities for horse riders,
  • DOC - National parks. Particularly where parks include historic routes such as droving, mustering or logging routes that are related to horse transport and the culture of the horse.

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