Stock Routes

Many old stock routes became roads, but not all.

Australia has a national map of stock routes and some there are calling for them to be protected with heritage status.

Apparently, here in NZ we have no such register, and many are lost to horse riders. I hope to begin building a database of old stock routes, and putting them here. They are valuable resources for horse riders, and we should be calling for all to be open to horse riders and walkers as a way to celebrate our heritage.

From New Zealand Historic Places Trust Pouhere Taonga

the Old Dunstan Road in Central Otago is registered as a Category I historic place. It started as a stock route, then as an important gold miners route and also for stock:

Another example, is the Old Belmont Road in the Hutt Valley. Which was really built for transport between the Hutt Valley and Porirua, but became a stock route (and still is):

Tapu Tapu Track - Porirua City